Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011

Hi mom!
Yeah I got them. Sorry! We're only allowed to write emails or letters on p-day and then for only a certain amount of time.Yikes, sounds like she's had a real nasty couple days... Haha! She told me she did that. I was laughing so hard, I didn't think she'd share that. Yeah I got her emails yesterday, sounds like it was pretty rough.
Yumm! I'm so jealous! I could go for a good smoothie.
I'm sorry! I'll be sending letter letters my time is almost up. Only five more minutes! But you'll be getting long letters!
If I left either my black skirt or the white and black paisley one could you sned those? Otherwise I'm good.
I love you mom! Tell everyone hi for me! Also when Mac emails you please send it to me through dear elder so I can send him his letters as well! Love you! Ack! two minutes!
So, big gulps huh?
Well, see ya!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1 - First Email

Sounds like a full week for you guys! Awww, I'm glad to hear she settled in okay, vvvvv!
Yeah I worried he might have a hard time with this, not going to lie it'd been rough the first few days but It's getting better. I'm glad that you were able to cheer him up and please let him know that he's done a fine job. So have you. I love you all so much!
Hey instead of emails send me your letters through I get them the same day you sent them and have more time to write to you on wendsdays! Plus it's just nice to have a letter you can read at the end of the day.
 It's slowly starting to calm down here. We're finally into our normal schedual for the duration of our time here. But yeah the first few days were insane. But I'm getting used to it now. Apparently we're in a piolet program they just started, they had us speaking spanish from day one and we already have to start teaching in it. Our teachers only speak spanish to us with a few words of english here and there if we need it. But I love it! The spirit here is just amazing, I just cant believe it. I'm going to be sad to leave this in eight weeks, but I'm super excited to start teaching for real!
My companion and I just started teaching out investigators, Jose and EvaMaria. Jose is amazing, but has a lot of sadness in his life and feels like he can't be forgiven. Maria just doesn't really understand what the gospel of Christ is. We have our second visits with them tomorrow and I can't wait!

Ah, finally p-day. It really came just in time too, I was starting to get run down. Oh and I got sick. Not bad enough that I had to be isolated like you did, but just enough to make me feel crappy. But I think i'm over the worst of it now.
It's crazy how quick they've been rushing us through the language. I can pray, contact, invite people to be baptised, talk about my feelings, and so much more. If pushed I can actually hold a conversation with another person. We have to go out and speak to six people a day in spanish contacting them and bearing out testimonies. Soon I'll be able to do so much more!
Te amo ellos! Yo amo el MTC y mi compaƱera! Esta feliz!
Hermana Watson
PS. I´m out of time, tell Connor and Ribs I´ll write them both letters!