We are still running all the time! It’ funny most of the ward thinks
we’re just working in the one area now since our one companion went
home. Nope, but it’s really nice in a way. We’re teaching so many
amazing people and out week is filled up by Monday.

Wow some of the miracles that we’ve seen this week! There’s a man
named Elias that we’re teaching. They met him 6 months ago and saw him
twice before he found out he had leukemia. After that he was in the
hospital constantly. The one time we caught him at home he was just
lying on his bed and we really thought he was going to die. He’d lost
so much weight and could only just whisper, “I believe in God, I know
He’ll take care of me. I have faith He will.” After we left we thought
he was gone. Since he was sent back to the hospital we didn’t go by
for a month. Then one day we were in the area and thought, ”Let’s go
see his family.” We were surprised when his wife invited us in and
said, “He’s in the back.” I fully expected to see him in the same
condition. But when we went back he looked just fine! I was shocked!
He was sitting up and joking with us! Some Elders had gone by the
hospital and blessed him and in the blessing told him that the mother
cells they were going to give him would work and that he would heal. A
week later he was out of the hospital and home just fine! He’s still
weak and can’t go to church or stores or anywhere he could catch a
sickness, but he’s alive! He asked us, “So, I know I can’t go to
church right now, but how soon can I get baptized?” God truly works
miracles by our faith.

We miss counted the weeks this month and ran out of money for food
last week. We won’t starve no worries :) But we just have to be a
little more creative with what we have. I learned how to make white
sauce! We’re doing a lot more baking with the flour we have.

The ward talent show this Friday went great! It was so fun, but so
loud! The gym echo’s a lot. By luck we were able to find some costumes
and skirts so our Hula was pretty cool :) We’ll send the video when we
get it. After, all the hermanas asked us to teach them how. I really
like doing it it’s really fun!

Love you all! Have a great week!