Monday, December 10, 2012

November 13, 2012

We’re doing good and doing much better! Someday when we come down
there’s a restaurant where we will NOT go. A member took us there and
we both ended up with food poisoning. Not fun, I haven’t thrown up in
a long time.

We're working really hard so not much to report on, just that we're
teaching lots of people!

We went to the RS activity the other night with a new member and
learned about canning salsa and beans. We tried the ones they’d made
last month and it was so good!

Sister Taylor, the mission presidents wife came out with us this week
to see some people. She’s does really well speaking Spanish,
especially since she never gets time to practice it!

We’re working with a lot of people right now who are really
progressing. Once they can get to church a little more or once we can
see them a little more they’ll be ready to be baptized!

Stake conference this weekend was very interesting. The Saturday
session was all about patriarchs and patriarchal blessings. Our stake
has three stake patriarchs. Then the next morning they had a special
broadcast from salt lake. Did any of you see it? It was really really
awesome! They were talking about the gathering of Israel and other
things like that. Holland and Eyring gave some powerful talks.

Love you all! See you soon!

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