Monday, December 10, 2012

October 8, 2012

Well we had somewhat of an exciting week. I have officially seen my first scorpion! I was in the gym watching the Elders play basketball and picked my bag up from the floor. Two seconds later I saw something out of the corner of my eye and looked down to see a scorpion right where my bag had been a moment before! I’ll send a picture. Of course once I told them the Elders started playing with it and letting it sting their shoes. Just to be safe I dumped out my bag. They caught it in a cup and released it outside in the field. Not sure what kind it was, want to check it out?

Saturday night we were just getting into bed at 10:30 when all of the sudden the group of kids that always play outside our door came running up pounding on the door and crying. We opened it to see them all sobbing and crying, “Someone’s dying!” Hermana Pousima and I ran outside fully expecting to see that someone got stabbed or something. They took us upstairs to their apartment. They live with their three grandmas and one of them was on the couch grabbing her head and crying. I called 911 and Hermana Pousima went over to find out what happened. Our wonderful neighbor took all of the kids to her apartment and got them calmed down and something to eat. We went and got a little more dressed and called the elders, then flagged down the fire truck. They got their before the Elders so they couldn’t give her a blessing, but it was okay. Turned out she has a tumor in her brain and something happened with it. The shipped her out and most of their family went with. Her two sisters stayed behind to care for the kids and we went over and gave her a hug and asked if she’d like us to come pray with her. They accepted and we spoke with them for a bit then prayed together. We haven’t heard yet how she’s doing. But it was so good to see all the people in our apartments just come together to help them out.

The next day in conference we were both so tired, I feel asleep during Elder Bednars talk. I’m going to see if I can watch it now that I’m a little more awake.

Speaking of conference I love watching it with missionaries, it’s like our superbowl. And this time was especially exciting. When they announced the age change we were all in shock. One brother jumped out of his seat the moment he finished speaking and ran into the hall to call his daughter, she’s now able to go. This is going to change so many things. Elder Holland, in the news conference on the missionary changes, on why the changes are being made: "God is hastening his work and he needs more and more willing and more worthy missionaries to spread the light and the truth and the hope and the salvation of gospel truth to a darkened world." It’s true, we can all feel the pace picking up and feel how things are moving forward. This is going to make the missionary force explode. It’ll make it possible for so many more young men and women to go. I was thinking about it and without that year wait I’ll bet so many more young men will go because nothing will keep them from it. They won’t have time to make mistakes that will keep them from it.

This is an exciting time. Jeremiah 16:16  Love you all!

Hermana Watson

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